Travel Recap | Nyon, Switzerland

Nyon, Switzerland Waterfront

Hello, all!

It’s been another busy couple of weeks! Since I last posted, I’ve been in two different countries, attended a wedding in a château, eaten my weight in fresh croissants and become a huge, huge fan of Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine. Ben and I got back from a 10-day vacation in Switzerland and France this past Sunday night and as glad as I am to sleep in my own bed and see Nori, I also am a little sad to be back because I loved this trip so much. We planned it after two friends who live outside the city of Geneva decided to get married and have their wedding in a nearby town called Coppet. Ben and I had been talking about traveling to Europe for a couple years now, something we had done separately but never together, and figured that the wedding was a great excuse to actually make the trip come true! 

I’m going to recap a few parts of the trip individually and so am starting with the the first city we stayed in — Nyon, Switzerland!CONTINUE READING

I Love You So Much | Austin Trip Recap and Food Tips

Austin, Texas City and Food Tips by Meg Bollenback

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Quick Hello from the Sky

La Barbecue in Austin, TX

Hi, everybody! Happy Monday. We are flying back to D.C. from Austin today. And yes, in case you were wondering, Ben and I made sure to leave in plenty of time to catch our flight from the only airport in the city, unlike last Thursday. We are so not repeating that anytime soon!

This weekend was ahhhh-mazing. I have a big soft spot in my heart for this funky, delicious, relaxed city now. It has one of the most laid back vibes out of any city I’ve ever visited. Maybe it’s the heat (Lord knows it was steamy out there this weekend), maybe it’s the endless music that streams from various bars, or maybe it’s the abundant tacos and BBQ. Or maybe it’s all combined into one.… CONTINUE READING

Friday Fancies | Checking in with a Margarita

The Best Margarita Ever in Austin, TX

Hey all – we made it to Texas! Sorry for the silence this week, the move went mostly smoothly but has been so much work. It’s funny, but for as often as I’ve moved, I forget how tired I am at the end of it. It’s like all the energy and excitement that goes into the makings of a move releases once it’s over and I’m just exhausted; maybe like an adrenalin crash? 

Anyway – we are doing well and getting settled bit by bit, slowly but steadily! Today’s Friday Fancies post is a bit different because I have a crazy story to tell. Question – do you all like the Friday Fancies posts with the links that I share (like this one), or would you rather just have a written post on some other topic; food, book, or otherwise?CONTINUE READING

Five Can’t-Miss Places in D.C. During Springtime

Top 5 Places to Visit DC in Spring - Tidal Basin and Cherry Blossoms

The longer days and warmer temperatures have inspired many explorations of D.C. in the past few weeks. I am a huge fan of taking a mini-vacations (or stay-cations) within my own hometown and recently I’ve been inspired by nature to just get out and walk. My feet have led me to some beautiful places and I’ve picked my top five places to visit in D.C. during the springtime. All of these are more nature/scenic based vs. food, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring a picnic with you to most of them. I think I’d have egg salad or muffins at my picnic.

Starting with number five (though these aren’t ranked in any particular order)…

5. Meridian Hill Park – I’ve already shared my love affair with this park on the blog before and it’s still going strong.… CONTINUE READING

Keeping Asheville Weird | Trip Recap and Food Tips

Bluesteel as a Child, Asheville

I call this one Blue Steel, the Early Years.” I found that quirky painting in a gigantic antique/thrift/art/gardening store called The Screen Door while in Asheville a couple weekends ago. Spending an hour there fulfilled my creative desire to see artsy items and pretty furniture. The problem I experience whenever I visit a store like this is that I want to buy a lot of things. Like this mid-century dresser from my dreams. Or the heart and arrow wood carving I posted to Instagram

Mid-Century Dresser Asheville by

 But, a small DC condo inhabited by two adults and a feline means that that dresser is not going to happen anytime soon. I can dream, though. (One day…one day…)

So, as the title of this post explains, I am finally recapping our trip down south; our second of two to North Carolina this winter, the first being Durham. What’s funny is that while we were on our way back to DC (probably during hour 7 or 8 of our mind-numbing drive through blizzard conditions), I pictured in my brain what this post was going to look like.… CONTINUE READING