Deconstructed Summer Salad with Peaches

Deconstructed Summer Salad with Peaches

Over the past couple months, I’ve ‘borrowed’ some friends’ kitchens when the urge to cook has simply gotten too strong to ignore and cannot be solved with the single frying pan and burner that is our current kitchen set-up. One such instance happened about a week ago when I met up with my writing partner, Mary, to catch up on work for the book (it’s still coming!). We were emailing to coordinate our work date and when she suggested we cook something together, it took me all of about 2 seconds to respond with a big, “YES.” And I probably did a little happy dance in front of my laptop. 

So, we did catch up on work to be done, toured a couple new farms in Loudoun, and then we cooked!… CONTINUE READING

Greens and Grains Bowl, Inspired by Cava Grill

Greens and Grains Bowl, Copycat Recipe from Cava Grill

My life is packed into boxes right now – we officially move tomorrow and that means that we may be living on take-out for the near future until I get the kitchen situated after we get back from Texas. I know that I’ll have some awesome posts for you after that trip, and until those are ready, I have a couple other recipes to share like today’s!

So, I have two wonderful things to talk about today – Cava Grill restaurants and George’s Mill Farm Artisan Cheese. These may sound foreign to anyone not from the DC area, so give me a little time to explain. Cava Grill is an offshoot of a popular local restaurant concept called Cava Mezze which has multiple locations throughout DC, Maryland and Virginia.… CONTINUE READING