Fall Leaves and a Hello!

Fall Leaves in Alexandria, VA

I honestly had not realized that it had been a month since I last posted! I am sorry for such an absence — life has not slowed down much at all like I thought it would since returning from Europe, but it’s all for good reasons! Many exciting things are happening on my end…lots of progress is being made in creative/freelance projects, the house, wedding planning and work in general. These projects outside of the blog have required more attention over the past month, so that is why I’ve been so silent!

The main one that kept my brain a little zapped out of the blogging mindset is the book! It is in progress – woohoo! And goodness, for someone who likes to write, writing a book is a totally different ballgame.… CONTINUE READING

What I Ate Wednesday: Capital Food and Drink Book Writing Edition (Or Where to Lunch in Western Loudoun)

Capital Food and Drink - How Food Book Writers Lunch

For those who aren’t familiar with this, What I Ate Wednesday (#WIAW) is a really popular link-up in the food and fitness blogging world where bloggers post photos of their eats and munches over the course of the day. I’ve never shared what I eat in this manner before because I honestly don’t think it’s that interesting. This may come as a surprise, but I can guarantee you that even though I post fun recipes each week, I do not eat creative things every day! My lunch typically consists of a salad of some sort and I am a huge fan of scrambled egg and toast dinners (it’s at least a 1x per week event, all my former roommates can attest to this). And breakfasts are usually one of the same few things: a smoothie, a bowl of cereal with fruit, or oatmeal of some sort (though, as a sneak peak, a new breakfast idea will be coming to you next week)!… CONTINUE READING

Friday Fancies | Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Stone Tower Winery

Happy Friday, everyone! First off – thanks for the nice comments and messages from my post on Wednesday. I think many people resonated with needing to set the kitchen up first and get something cooking on the stove or baking in the oven, and it was just really nice to hear that I’m not alone in needing to do that. I have plans to keep unpacking over the weekend, and I’m sure that a few more things will be produced from the new kitchen soon. 

I have some posts about the book scheduled for next week — for the first time in many weeks, I didn’t drive out to Loudoun (I’ve actually had a two week break now that I think about it due to the move + Austin), and it’s just weird.… CONTINUE READING

How the Idea of Capital Food and Drink Came to Be

Capital Food and Drink_Writing and Sharing Stories

One question I’ve gotten since I announced about my book project is, “How did you come up with the topic?” It is a little odd as I’ve never lived in Loudoun county, but as I explained in my earlier post, it’s not so odd because I love the mountains of western Virginia, the gorgeous farmland, and supporting local businesses, particularly those involving food and drink. But, for those who are interested, here’s more detail about how this whole book idea came to be…

My writing partner, Mary, and I met up last December to talk about writing and publishing in general as it’s something I’ve been interested in for a long time now.  I know her through a former work colleague and knew that she is a children’s book author (you can find her stories here) and is very involved in her local community in a variety of creative capacities (such as fundraising for various educational and artistic causes, supporting a farm’s PR and marketing needs, etc.).… CONTINUE READING

How To Buy and Roast Asparagus + 4 Ways to Season

How to Roast Asparagus

Hi, all – happy Tuesday after Memorial Day Weekend! I enjoyed the holiday by spending a lot of time spent outside, both at a Nationals game and at a friend’s birthday BBQ yesterday. I’ve had my fill of hot dogs, corn on the cob, potato salad and cake and it was so, so yummy. I always find after holiday weekends like this that my body really just wants some vegetables, though. It’s a little over the meat and sugar and just wants something green. Seeing as how asparagus is in season right now (and will be only for a few weeks longer in the DC/Maryland/Virginia area), I thought I’d spend some time talking about this long, funny-looking vegetable. I have a simple recipe and a few seasoning combinations for you to try out with it at the end of this post, so stick around!… CONTINUE READING

So, I’m Writing a Book!

Capital Food and Drink Chickens

Might as well start Monday out with a bang, eh? This title slightly terrifies me but is also really exciting. The project that I’ve been wanting to tell you guys about for a month now is….I’m writing a book! It’s not just me who’s writing one as I have a great writing partner-in-crime in this process. But yes, ultimately, I will be part of a duo writing a book under the title of Capital Food and Drink! It is going to be a cookbook and storybook about a wonderful part of the food and drink world in the greater D.C. metro area: Loudoun County, Virginia.

This may seem a little odd as I’m not from D.C. nor am I from Virginia. I’m a Floridian born-and-bred, but I have a penchant for the state of Virginia and the greater D.C.… CONTINUE READING