Friday Fancies | Party Weekend Edition

Summer Blooms

Hi, all! I am pumped that it’s Friday for two reasons: first, I’m borrowing a friend’s kitchen this afternoon for the first time since Moldpocalypse happened and am going to COOK something besides a frozen dinner or make a salad. {Angels sing, clouds part, a rainbow and unicorn emerges…}. It’s going to be glorious. Secondly, it’s the start of what will surely be a very fun weekend. This week, a great couple I know got engaged, another friend is celebrating his 30th birthday and then I’m saying bye temporarily to a few friends who are moving out west to start new adventures. It’ll be action packed, and of course Captain Humidity decided to return today after a beautiful couple of days in the DC area, but it should be very fun! 

I know this blog has been a little boring as of late and as much as I feel like I should say sorry for that, I honestly don’t feel the need to apologize as this is a creative outlet for me and sometimes you (or me, I guess) just need to take breaks. My energy is turned more to my house and a few different projects rather than here right now. I feel like this summer has been one of the busiest I’ve had in a while, and I’m excited for a little slow down in another month or so.… CONTINUE READING

Friday Fancies | Foggy by the Bay

Flight to San Francisco

Hi everyone – thank you so much for the nice comments and emails about yesterday’s post. It wasn’t the easiest to leave the house knowing that there’s still a ton of work to be done, but we did what we could before we left and will just finish dealing with it when we get back. I’m really excited to have some time away on the west coast to unplug and recharge a bit! 

Let me tell you…summer in SF is kind of like their winter. It was really difficult to pack for this trip because I kept thinking I would need shorts and tank tops, when in reality I need sweaters. It’s a very foggy morning here, but I think the sun will show up around  noon.… CONTINUE READING

Friday Fancies | Getting To Know You

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Happy, happy Friday! I slept in a little this morning and it was glorious. Instead of the regular Friday Fancies post, I have something a little different for you today. Lauren, a Registered Dietician-in training and blogging friend, who blogs over at Just a Pinch nominated me last week for a Versatile Blogging Award. According to Lauren, 

The Versatile Blogger Award is for the blogs that bring something special to your life.  In picking your nominees, you are to consider the quality of the writing, the uniqueness of the subjects covered, the level of love displayed in the words on the virtual page.

Lauren, thank you very much for the nomination! It made my day. I’ve answered her 10 questions below and then have 10 questions of my own for a few bloggers to answer from this. 

If any of you are interested in getting to know me a little more, then here’s a chance!… CONTINUE READING

Friday Fancies | Shadows and Sunshine Edition

Nori in Sunshine

Hello, everyone! I hope you’ve had a great week. This one seemed to fly by for some reason. I know I still owe you an Austin post — will happen next week! 

First, it’s impossible for me to start today’s post without acknowledging what happened in Charleston Wednesday night. I like this blog to be a space of joy and inspiration and creativity, but on these Friday Fancies posts, sometimes it’s necessary (from my perspective at least) to let some of the real world shine in. And I feel like we have to talk about what happened in Charleston. <— This piece is emotional, raw, and tinged with the feelings of someone who’s had enough with the violence in this country, and I agree with many parts of it.… CONTINUE READING

Friday Fancies | Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Stone Tower Winery

Happy Friday, everyone! First off – thanks for the nice comments and messages from my post on Wednesday. I think many people resonated with needing to set the kitchen up first and get something cooking on the stove or baking in the oven, and it was just really nice to hear that I’m not alone in needing to do that. I have plans to keep unpacking over the weekend, and I’m sure that a few more things will be produced from the new kitchen soon. 

I have some posts about the book scheduled for next week — for the first time in many weeks, I didn’t drive out to Loudoun (I’ve actually had a two week break now that I think about it due to the move + Austin), and it’s just weird.… CONTINUE READING

Friday Fancies | Checking in with a Margarita

The Best Margarita Ever in Austin, TX

Hey all – we made it to Texas! Sorry for the silence this week, the move went mostly smoothly but has been so much work. It’s funny, but for as often as I’ve moved, I forget how tired I am at the end of it. It’s like all the energy and excitement that goes into the makings of a move releases once it’s over and I’m just exhausted; maybe like an adrenalin crash? 

Anyway – we are doing well and getting settled bit by bit, slowly but steadily! Today’s Friday Fancies post is a bit different because I have a crazy story to tell. Question – do you all like the Friday Fancies posts with the links that I share (like this one), or would you rather just have a written post on some other topic; food, book, or otherwise?CONTINUE READING