Family Vacation in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Stone Harbor, NJ Vacation

Hello, hello! It has been a busy couple of weeks – so sorry for the lengthy silence! The past couple weeks have been packed due to continued house work (we’re almost, ALMOST to the point of actually getting mold out of our house…yes, 2+ months after we first found it. Slow moving process, right?) and then Ben and I went on a vacation with his family. That’s what this post is about — we spent the past 4 days in Stone Harbor, New Jersey; close to where Ben grew up.

Stone Harbor, NJ Vacation

I will admit, the first time that Ben took me to the beach in New Jersey, I didn’t expect to like it. I didn’t think the sand would be as soft as it is along the Gulf of Mexico (where I’m from), I didn’t think the locals would be very friendly (I blame Jersey Shore for that imagery), and I didn’t think that the beach would be pretty.… CONTINUE READING

Chia Seed French Toast with a Side of Friday Fancies

Chia Seed French Toast (vegan option)

I spent time week uploading photos that I hadn’t gotten around to getting off the camera yet (California trip, mostly) and was pleasantly surprised when I found these shots! I made this French toast for weekend brunch at home one morning right before we left for CA and never blogged about it. So, I’m making amends on that today. You’ll get some Friday Fancies at the bottom of this post, per usual. But for now, let’s start with food.

This was bonkers delicious. I am not a big french toast fan at all (or so I thought). I honestly cannot remember the last time that I ordered it while out at a restaurant. And yet, when I woke up one Sunday about a month ago, I took a look in the pantry and saw a loaf of sourdough (from this Clarendon bakery…so good) that needed to be used up and some chia seeds that I wanted to continue experimenting with (I think this was shortly after I made chia seed pudding).… CONTINUE READING

Weekend Recap and Things I’m Loving This Tuesday

Prosecco to Celebrate Finding a Wedding Dress!

Hello, everyone and happy Tuesday! This past weekend (which included Monday for me) was a blur of activity – all good things – and I just wanted to bring you up to speed on some fun things that happened. My brain tends to think in lists, so that’s how today’s post is structured again: 

1. Ben said, “Okay,” to me when I asked if I could put this chair in our bedroom: 

Nina Chair in Fuschia_World Market

I’m pretty certain I hit the fiancé jackpot. I LOVE the fuchsia color and it was on sale (still is, too!), so how can it be wrong?!

2. My sister left to fly home last night (miss you already!), but we had a great time while she was here in Alexandria!… CONTINUE READING

Friday Fancies + Plans for the Weekend

Plums and Apritcots, Summer's Bounty

Happy Friday, friends. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve done a Friday Fancies post and I’m excited to get back on the bandwagon. I’ve read a lot of interesting things lately about food, history, wellbeing, business, and just fun etc., so I have a few things for you to read if you’re interested below. 

First off – I am loving that it is stone fruit season! I think really that this is my favorite time of the year. You all know that I love berries like crazy, but man…I could eat nectarines, plums, peaches, pluots, and more all day, all night. They are starting to get really, really good up here and I just love it. 

So – exciting news – my mom and sister are coming to town this weekend!… CONTINUE READING

Two Things I’m Loving This Monday

Swell Bottle Blonde Wood Collection

Hello, and happy Monday afternoon to you! Isn’t it a swell day? 😉 I have a quick post for you today and just wanted to share two things that are getting my week off to a great start. 

The first, I received last week from Lauren at Just a Pinch! She sponsored a giveaway to celebrate her blog’s one-year anniversary and I won! [<– Total shock as I don’t win things usually!] As a result, I was told to pick out whatever design and color I liked of a S’well bottle in the 17 ounce size. I chose to go with the Blonde Wood design and LOVE IT. It is simply beautiful and I can’t wait to try it out! I’ve been eyeing S’well bottles for a while because they are known to keep drinks cold for 24 hours, or hot for 12 hours, which is mighty impressive.… CONTINUE READING

All’s Well on the Homefront…Except for the Kitchen

Moldy Insulation in Kitchen

Hi, all! Things have been a tad quiet around here this week and I just wanted to loop you into some exciting developments in the game of new home ownership. We have had multiple really strong and dangerous thunderstorms roll through our area over the past two weeks. About a week and a half ago, during one of these storms, Ben and I noticed that a wall around a window in our kitchen was puckering out in different spots. When we looked closer, we saw actual drops of rain fall vertically down behind the drywall and could feel that the wall was entirely soaked through. Then, we noticed that we also had water raining down from our microwave and out of power outlets in the kitchen.… CONTINUE READING