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Nyon, Switzerland Waterfront

Hello, all!

It’s been another busy couple of weeks! Since I last posted, I’ve been in two different countries, attended a wedding in a château, eaten my weight in fresh croissants and become a huge, huge fan of Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine. Ben and I got back from a 10-day vacation in Switzerland and France this past Sunday night and as glad as I am to sleep in my own bed and see Nori, I also am a little sad to be back because I loved this trip so much. We planned it after two friends who live outside the city of Geneva decided to get married and have their wedding in a nearby town called Coppet. Ben and I had been talking about traveling to Europe for a couple years now, something we had done separately but never together, and figured that the wedding was a great excuse to actually make the trip come true! 

I’m going to recap a few parts of the trip individually and so am starting with the the first city we stayed in — Nyon, Switzerland!

Nyon Rooftops

We got to Nyon in this way:

Flew from Washington Dulles (IAD)→ Connected at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris→ Landed in Geneva, Switzerland → picked up by the groom to go to Nyon

Getting a ride from the airport was a nice surprise and much appreciated, but if you go and don’t have a friend to get you nor want to spend much money on a cab, there is a train easily accessible from the airport that can take you straight into Nyon in about 30 minutes.

We stayed in two hotels in Nyon (here and here) to take advantage of better pricing and really enjoyed both of them, but especially the second – Hôtel le Rive. The room was very comfortable and breakfast was delicious; it was a mix of European and American style breakfasts in that meat, cheese and bread were plentiful, but so was fruit salad, yogurt, milk and cereal.

One of my other favorite meals was perch (sadly, I didn’t get a picture, but you can see it here!). Perch is a small fresh water fish that is popular throughout this region of Switzerland and it was typically served in a lemon sauce with a side salad and fries – made for a delicious lunch on our first day. Also, funny story, but on the first day at lunch, I asked (in French) the server if he could speak English to us and he told me yes, but that I should speak French instead. His honesty cracked me up and also gave me the push I needed to speak it…I’m very, very rusty despite having studied it for 5+ years in school! 

Overall, Nyon is:

  • Stunning

  • Feels both French and Swiss

  • Roman

  • Walkable

  • Flower-filled

  • Charming

  • On Lac Léman (aka – Lake Geneva)

  • Delicious

  • Romantic

We did not take a formal tour of the city while there but decided to just explore on our own using our feet, eyes, mouths and ears. I really think walking and/or going for a jog is the best way to tour a new place…you see so much from the ground level that you may miss if touring on a bus or car. I have so many great memories from this little habit even though we only spent a few days there and I think they can be better explained via photos. So, here you go….enjoy, and let me know if you have any questions about our time there!

I am Obsessed with European Shutters

I am obsessed with shutters. Particularly European shutters. 

Nyon Flower Boxes

And window boxes!

Nyon School

How cool looking is this elementary school?!

Nyon Roman Mural

We found a cool mural showing architectural drawings.

Nyon Roman Column

Famous Roman columns. 

Nyon Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar founded the settlement. This isn’t the original statue that was first put into place in the city, but it’s still pretty awesome.

Caesar Statue in Nyon

I love the detail here.

Nyon Hills

Wandering down the hills. That’s Lake Geneva in the background.

Nyon Overview

We found some awesome gardens outside the castle.

Hotel de Rive Patio

Looking out onto the patio in Hôtel le Rive.

Ta ta for now! Will be back with another recap next week!

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