Family Vacation in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Stone Harbor, NJ Vacation

Hello, hello! It has been a busy couple of weeks – so sorry for the lengthy silence! The past couple weeks have been packed due to continued house work (we’re almost, ALMOST to the point of actually getting mold out of our house…yes, 2+ months after we first found it. Slow moving process, right?) and then Ben and I went on a vacation with his family. That’s what this post is about — we spent the past 4 days in Stone Harbor, New Jersey; close to where Ben grew up.

Stone Harbor, NJ Vacation

I will admit, the first time that Ben took me to the beach in New Jersey, I didn’t expect to like it. I didn’t think the sand would be as soft as it is along the Gulf of Mexico (where I’m from), I didn’t think the locals would be very friendly (I blame Jersey Shore for that imagery), and I didn’t think that the beach would be pretty. But,man…I was so wrong! Where Ben grew up is a really beautiful area. It is technically part of ‘South Jersey’ and is composed of various islands along the Atlantic that are connected to each other via bridges. On one side of the islands, you have the magnificent, wavy Atlantic Ocean. On the other side, you have a flat, consistently calm bay and marshland.

South Jersey Marshes

We stayed on the island of Stone Harbor which is nestled between Avalon and Wildwood islands. The weather was gorgeous; everyday was sunny and a little warmer than the previous one. We went to the beach a couple of times (which you have to pay for…THAT I am not used to!) and played among the waves in the Atlantic. The waves were really fun for me because I’m more used to the Gulf of Mexico which only gets a little rough when large thunderstorms or hurricanes are nearby.

Stone Harbor Beach

I read a lot while there — working on this book right now! It’s not about the happiest topics, but I really like how it’s written and the story moves quickly. I have a feeling that it will end happily, but I could be wrong. 

Jazz Tuesdays at the Tower in Stone Harbor

We hung out and relaxed with family throughout the trip (including my adorable 16-month old niece who has an amazing vocabulary…she picked up at least 3 new words in the course of 4 days!). Some of the highlights included take-out broiled crab cakes, flounder and shrimp from this little hole in the wall, ice cream from the very famous Springer’s (the PBO flavor – peanut butter Oreo – is amazing), and listening to jazz along the beach for Tuesdays at the Tower. It was one of the most relaxing trips I’ve been on in some time and was much appreciated.

We’re on our way back home now and have a couple days of work ahead of us before Labor Day weekend hits. Hope you’ve had a wonderful week so far!

8 thoughts on “Family Vacation in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

    1. It is really interesting! I read one called The Vacationers recently which is on somewhat of a similar topic, and it was ok, but I like this one so much more…the emotion and storytelling is just more real to me for some reason. And yes – the book is going well! It’s been a busy summer with not a ton of progress on it, but I’ll have some updates soon. 🙂

    1. Haha, yes, yay!! I can’t wait until it’s actually gone! Then we just get to work on re-building the house. 🙂 And yes, NJ is definitely prettier than expected in certain areas!

  1. You guys definitely deserved a relaxing vacation! I can’t think of anything better than the beach, a good book, jazz music and ice cream. I only know Jersey via Jersey Shore as well, but it sounds like I need to give it a chance! I hope the house rennovations are completed quickly so things can get back to normal soon 🙂
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  2. Sounds like a great trip, Meghan! I grew up on Long Island so we would occasionally vacation to wildwood with my dads friend group and as adults have really grown to love Cape May! Jersey gets a bad rap, but it does have some really pretty parts. Crossing my fingers for you that your kitchen is done asap!

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