All’s Well on the Homefront…Except for the Kitchen

Moldy Insulation in Kitchen

Hi, all! Things have been a tad quiet around here this week and I just wanted to loop you into some exciting developments in the game of new home ownership. We have had multiple really strong and dangerous thunderstorms roll through our area over the past two weeks. About a week and a half ago, during one of these storms, Ben and I noticed that a wall around a window in our kitchen was puckering out in different spots. When we looked closer, we saw actual drops of rain fall vertically down behind the drywall and could feel that the wall was entirely soaked through. Then, we noticed that we also had water raining down from our microwave and out of power outlets in the kitchen. Needless to say, we shut the power off immediately and I called the insurance company. 

The past week has been non-stop phone calls, appointments, rescheduled appointments, and long blocks of wait times; I’ve had multiple contractors, roofers, ServPro employees, and other house people (for non-water related activities, too…plenty of projects going on!) in and out of the house. The good news is that we believe the leak(s) stopped; we fixed the roof immediately and so far, we haven’t seen water again even though we continue to have horrible storms. 

The bad news is that when ServPro came through to assess the water damage, they tore through the drywall and ceiling in our kitchen (which was expected) and found a lot of mold. Like, a lot, a lot of mold. It’s not good. But, it could always be worse. <— this is my mantra of the past week

Yesterday, I sat home for 12 hours waiting for different contractors to come by and remove our countertops and cabinets. That had to be done because the ServPro team assigned to my house was fairly certain that more mold was behind cabinets in a certain area and they wanted them gone so they can fully remediate. They were right. More mold. 

I’ve now typed the word “mold” way more times than I ever thought I would need to in one document, and for some reason, I can’t help but think of this:



Not totally the same thing, but close enough, I guess, haha! Anyway…what I’m trying to say is that my kitchen’s a disaster. The kitchen that I’ve organized four separate times, baked in to make it feel like home, and had started making things for the blog in is now entirely dismantled. We don’t have a sink, microwave, counters, or a dishwasher to use. I suppose that we could use the oven and stove, but that thought isn’t appealing or safe when there’s mold 5 feet away from it. Honestly, I know that it’ll all be fine and it’ll work out, and on the plus side – we get to change the ugly backsplash in the kitchen sooner than we thought we would! But, it’s just really frustrating to get into a new space and find that there’s a big problem with it. The type of mold that we have isn’t safe for humans or animals to be around in the longterm, so in a way, we’re happy that we found the problem now. But, it’s just going to be a lot of work and coordination to fix. And from what I’ve been told, it may take three months to get the kitchen back up and running simply due to the amount of time it takes to process claims.

I’m not sure what this will mean yet in terms of posting new recipes. I did crank one out last week that I hope to share soon, but in general, this may mean that fewer recipes go up for a while and more posts about life, food, and book adventures go up. Maybe some posts about kitchen renovations, too, eh? 😉 

Lastly – I just want to give you a heads up that we are going out of town again for another wedding and a little vacation. This time, it’s out to the west coast. After tomorrow’s post, I’m planning to take a little break from the blog, just while we’re on vacation. This week has been pretty stressful, so I’m ready to unplug and detach a little from the house worries, and think some time away from the computer will help with that, too. I may post intermittently if I feel the urge, but if not, I’ll get back on a normal schedule around the third week of July.  I’ll see you tomorrow for Friday Fancies. Thanks for listening to my rant! Everything will work out the way it should, but it feels better to just get some of these frustrations out on paper (or the internet). Have a good day, everyone!

8 thoughts on “All’s Well on the Homefront…Except for the Kitchen

    1. I actually had that idea earlier this week…maybe I do a rotating guest chef series in friends homes?

    1. Yes, that’s totally what we feel about it! As much of a pain and stressor it is, it is SO much better than we found it after only being in the house for a month rather than a year or two down the line. Thank you so much for the good thoughts! Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks again. 🙂

    1. Haha, yes, it literally ruins everything! Thanks for the nice note – it will work out! Enjoy your July 4th weekend!

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