Fall Leaves and a Hello!

Fall Leaves in Alexandria, VA

I honestly had not realized that it had been a month since I last posted! I am sorry for such an absence — life has not slowed down much at all like I thought it would since returning from Europe, but it’s all for good reasons! Many exciting things are happening on my end…lots of progress is being made in creative/freelance projects, the house, wedding planning and work in general. These projects outside of the blog have required more attention over the past month, so that is why I’ve been so silent!

The main one that kept my brain a little zapped out of the blogging mindset is the book! It is in progress – woohoo! And goodness, for someone who likes to write, writing a book is a totally different ballgame.… CONTINUE READING

Travel Recap | Nyon, Switzerland

Nyon, Switzerland Waterfront

Hello, all!

It’s been another busy couple of weeks! Since I last posted, I’ve been in two different countries, attended a wedding in a château, eaten my weight in fresh croissants and become a huge, huge fan of Châteauneuf-du-Pape wine. Ben and I got back from a 10-day vacation in Switzerland and France this past Sunday night and as glad as I am to sleep in my own bed and see Nori, I also am a little sad to be back because I loved this trip so much. We planned it after two friends who live outside the city of Geneva decided to get married and have their wedding in a nearby town called Coppet. Ben and I had been talking about traveling to Europe for a couple years now, something we had done separately but never together, and figured that the wedding was a great excuse to actually make the trip come true! 

I’m going to recap a few parts of the trip individually and so am starting with the the first city we stayed in — Nyon, Switzerland!CONTINUE READING

Deconstructed Summer Salad with Peaches

Deconstructed Summer Salad with Peaches

Over the past couple months, I’ve ‘borrowed’ some friends’ kitchens when the urge to cook has simply gotten too strong to ignore and cannot be solved with the single frying pan and burner that is our current kitchen set-up. One such instance happened about a week ago when I met up with my writing partner, Mary, to catch up on work for the book (it’s still coming!). We were emailing to coordinate our work date and when she suggested we cook something together, it took me all of about 2 seconds to respond with a big, “YES.” And I probably did a little happy dance in front of my laptop. 

So, we did catch up on work to be done, toured a couple new farms in Loudoun, and then we cooked!… CONTINUE READING

Family Vacation in Stone Harbor, New Jersey

Stone Harbor, NJ Vacation

Hello, hello! It has been a busy couple of weeks – so sorry for the lengthy silence! The past couple weeks have been packed due to continued house work (we’re almost, ALMOST to the point of actually getting mold out of our house…yes, 2+ months after we first found it. Slow moving process, right?) and then Ben and I went on a vacation with his family. That’s what this post is about — we spent the past 4 days in Stone Harbor, New Jersey; close to where Ben grew up.

Stone Harbor, NJ Vacation

I will admit, the first time that Ben took me to the beach in New Jersey, I didn’t expect to like it. I didn’t think the sand would be as soft as it is along the Gulf of Mexico (where I’m from), I didn’t think the locals would be very friendly (I blame Jersey Shore for that imagery), and I didn’t think that the beach would be pretty.… CONTINUE READING

Chia Seed French Toast with a Side of Friday Fancies

Chia Seed French Toast (vegan option)

I spent time week uploading photos that I hadn’t gotten around to getting off the camera yet (California trip, mostly) and was pleasantly surprised when I found these shots! I made this French toast for weekend brunch at home one morning right before we left for CA and never blogged about it. So, I’m making amends on that today. You’ll get some Friday Fancies at the bottom of this post, per usual. But for now, let’s start with food.

This was bonkers delicious. I am not a big french toast fan at all (or so I thought). I honestly cannot remember the last time that I ordered it while out at a restaurant. And yet, when I woke up one Sunday about a month ago, I took a look in the pantry and saw a loaf of sourdough (from this Clarendon bakery…so good) that needed to be used up and some chia seeds that I wanted to continue experimenting with (I think this was shortly after I made chia seed pudding).… CONTINUE READING

Friday Fancies | Party Weekend Edition

Summer Blooms

Hi, all! I am pumped that it’s Friday for two reasons: first, I’m borrowing a friend’s kitchen this afternoon for the first time since Moldpocalypse happened and am going to COOK something besides a frozen dinner or make a salad. {Angels sing, clouds part, a rainbow and unicorn emerges…}. It’s going to be glorious. Secondly, it’s the start of what will surely be a very fun weekend. This week, a great couple I know got engaged, another friend is celebrating his 30th birthday and then I’m saying bye temporarily to a few friends who are moving out west to start new adventures. It’ll be action packed, and of course Captain Humidity decided to return today after a beautiful couple of days in the DC area, but it should be very fun! 

I know this blog has been a little boring as of late and as much as I feel like I should say sorry for that, I honestly don’t feel the need to apologize as this is a creative outlet for me and sometimes you (or me, I guess) just need to take breaks. My energy is turned more to my house and a few different projects rather than here right now. I feel like this summer has been one of the busiest I’ve had in a while, and I’m excited for a little slow down in another month or so.… CONTINUE READING